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Key facts about Ayibopost

In the beginning, Ayibopost was a participatory platform where anyone could publish articles. An editorial board would review the texts and post them when they comply with the platform’s standards. Two years after, Ayibopost started publishing video content (explainers, discussion, and interviews) on Facebook and YouTube. The growing demand from the public made the editorial board consider turning the blog into a media. After three years, the platform created its newsroom.

Today Ayibopost is one of the most competitive media in Haiti, with a staff of 23 daily publishing content in Port-au-Prince. The platform is best known for its breaking articles, innovative style and explanatory contents crafted with motion design. It is a disruptive and innovative media in an environment where the press is subject to corruption. Ayibopost is seen as a media made by young people for a young and educated audience. It played a vital role during the mass demonstration period against corruption.

Ayibopost produces daily articles, explanatory videos, short documentaries, podcasts, and video shows (society, politics, economy). One of its most-watched series is a satirical show named “Anriyan” (Jokingly in English) hosted by the feminist comedian Gaelle Bien-Aimé. The platform launched recently the sports section, Ayibosport, and the English section where articles are translated into English to reach a broader audience internationally, especially the diaspora in the United States.

Around 140k subscribers on Facebook. 77.5K followers on Twitter and 25.9K on Instagram. Its YouTube channel totaled 3.2 million views. Its maximum audience on the website ( are people from 18 to 44 years of age. Around 60% (59.8%) are male. 91.3% of the audience are connected through mobile phones, 7.3% on desktop, and 1.5% on tablet. (From January 1, 2019, as of October 13, 2021)

52.7% of the audience resides in Haiti. 21.6% in the US, 9.2 in Canada, and 4.9 in France. The website totaled 10 494 190 page views from January 1, 2018, to October 13, 2021.

Facts about Haiti: 28% of adults have a bank account, and 14% have a mobile money account (Statista 2021). 81.64% Facebook and 8.99% Twitter (Statista).

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