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About me

I am an award-winning multimedia journalist based currently in New York. I have been working as a journalist for more than ten years. Originally from Haiti, I co-created the news section of Ayibopost, one of the most competitive Haitian digital media, where I have been editor-in-chief for three years. I have a Master's degree in Digital Journalism from New York University (NYU). I studied Law and Sociology at the Haitian State University (UEH). Member of the National Association of Black Journalists, I speak French, Haitian Creole, and English.

Multimedia project

Audio and video editing

Social Media management

Photo, video and Motion Graphics

Writing, Podcasts, Documentaries

Membership and Audience Growth Strategy

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Experience taught me that multitasking is critical in the digital era.

I started as a radio reporter after a devastating earthquake hit my home country, Haiti, and killed tens of thousands of people. Then, I learned how impactful journalism can be. From radio, I moved to magazine writing and later, to digital journalism. 

I have experienced the multiples mediums of modern journalism. Besides article writing, I have produced podcasts, mini and short documentaries. I extended my competence to motion graphics to produce more impactful explanatory content. Today, I am experiencing audience growth and development of Membership as a business model in Haitian digital media. 

Experiences &

I am passionate about good journalism and storytelling. As a multimedia journalist, I have produced some using the pallet of skills at my disposal. You can watch some of them below.

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Recent Blog Posts

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